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A slow flow yoga experience

    At Om Yoga Studio, 40 Thorndike St. Concord NH, Suite 2C

Class Schedule

Tuesdays at 9am (zoom too) 

Thursdays at 9am (zoom too)
Fridays at 9am 
(zoom too)

Sundays at 9 am (zoom too) Meeting ID: 740 756 8146 Passcode: Adustin1


If you are new to the studio text Asa at 603-545-7380
for reservations, payment processing and questions.
Find us on Facebook here.

Class Pricing

intro offer is $40 for 1 month unlimited
Unlimited classes is $80 per month
Yearly unlimited is $800

Credit cards are not auto-charged
Unlimited passes include access to prerecorded classes
10 class pass is $140, drop-in is $20
No on will be turned away for lack of funds


In 2002 At Om Yoga studio opened in Concord, NH. We offer a slow flow yoga experience. It is a wisely guided meditation in graceful motion. Simple and intelligent sequences of yoga poses are held in stillness before blending seamlessly in flow. Deep chest centered breaths through the nose set the tempo. In one hour and eight minutes we intentionally cultivate strength, balance, flexibility, and compassion. We oxygenate and illuminate every atom into cahoots, into systemic integration, creating an increased capacity to thrive and shine.


These follow-the-leader style yoga explorations are smooth, quiet and complete. The emphasis is on introspection, intending the poses to align from the inside out, from the felt sensation into authentic embodiment. You may follow the guide to best of your ability. Please feel encouraged to embody the safest most effective postures possible. The perfect pose is personal, it is a feeling, not a form. The experience is yours to unabashedly explore. You are trusted and encouraged to intuit into it.

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Asa guides all classes except Fridays at 9am

Asa Dustin was raised in a log cabin in the NH woods without electricity or running water. He was guided from birth by a Wiccan priestess to revere the elements as divine and to celebrate their power through ritual. As a teenager he began studying and practicing the teachings of Buddha.

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In 1999 he moved to San Francisco and discovered flow yoga. He quickly fell in love with the meditation in motion, immersed himself deeply, and committed fully to a disciplined daily practice. He earned a BA from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco where he focused on the philosophy and spirit of yoga in ancient Sanskrit scriptures. Upon returning to NH Asa opened At Om Yoga and has offered flow yoga classes in the Concord area ever since.


Through the years Asa has studied Thai Yoga Bodywork, completed an intensive teacher training in Jivamukti Yoga with Sharon Gannon and David Life, and trained to teach Prana Vinyasa Yoga with Shiva Rea. He has also trained to guide in the kaula lineage of sri vidya tantra by the grace of Parvathi Nanda Nath. In Dharmsala he has studied Tibetan tantrik Buddhism with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. He has studied with Amritananda Nath Saraswati the beautiful wisdom of sri vidya tantra at the abode of the goddess, Devipuram. 


Asa has guided 8 pilgrimages to India where he found the direct access to deep yoga wisdom transformational. He returns to India every few years to sustain his tether to the source of yoga by way of holy sites and awakened saints. Asa has guided a dozen yoga teacher trainings/ advanced yoga teacher trainings. He regularly guides slow flow yoga for liberation from drug and alcohol addiction at recovery centers.   

Through his integration of these complementary paths and practices Asa intends to coalesce the expansiveness of yoga into an accessible, relevant, and effective experience for all levels of practitioner.

Liesl guides Fridays at 9 am

Liesl Hasenfuss has been a practicing physical therapist for 25 years. She began her yoga journey almost two decades ago when she was searching for ways to manage her own experiences with stress and anxiety. She has found the benefits of yoga to be limitless, both emotionally and physically. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with the Bija Ananda program in Concord back in 2006. 

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She is extremely grateful that her path eventually led her to At Om and the practice of shakti flow, which allowed for a deepening of her spiritual practice. She completed advanced teacher training with At Om Yoga in August 2016 and has since been blessed to assist with ongoing teacher trainings.


Liesl loves to share her knowledge as a physical therapist and the joys of yoga with others, blending her profession and her passion in a meaningful way. Her classes are a slow meditative experience that encourage deep inward focus. They are truly appropriate for all levels. They combine the heart of shakti flow with detailed guidance in embodied anatomy that allows practitioners to feel their way into muscular balance and symmetrical alignment. A variety of props are used to create a therapeutic atmosphere.


Liesl believes that everyone holds within them the capacity for self healing and that cultivating a spirit of loving kindness toward our bodies is essential.

Liesl loves being in nature, getting out on her paddle-board, and being a lively and compassionate mom to her wonderful teenage daughter.

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