At Om Yoga studio opened on Main St. in 2002. We are a lineage that offers shakti flow yoga with creativity, competence, and devotion. Shakti is dynamic, creative, and nurturing power. Flow yoga is the linking of breath, movement, and elevated intention. It is the awakening of inherent intuitive wisdom and the embodiment of compassionate grace.

We are inspired by all paths of yoga. A diversity of complimentary practices and relevant teachings are woven into the dynamic flow of postures. This exploration of the vast wisdom of yoga is challenging and accessible. There is freedom for practitioners to work at their own level within the guided structure of the class.

This yoga flows. Each previous posture is an intelligent preparation for the next. Smooth transitions, lubricated by the breath, invoke fluid continuity and warming rhythm. It is strengthening and opening, evocative of an all-pervasive equanimity.

This tantrik lineage is birthed from an ancient matriarchal tribe of North Indian yoga masters. Their philosophy and practices are similar to Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. It is integral, alive, and limitless, drawing from many effective spiritual paths and practices. It has been passed down to us directly through the grace of a trinity of tantrik revelators, Parvathi Nanda Nath, Guruji Amritananda Nath, and the His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The shakti flow asana practice draws primarily from the marriage of a trinity of flow yoga revolutionaries: Shiva Rea, Parvathi Nanda Nath, and Jivamukti Yoga.

We invoke ancient tradition to foster continued evolution. Please see our class descriptions page to find the flow that is right for you.


Complimentary sadhanas (practices) often guided to enhance the shakti flow


Pre-class meditation

That which is born from stillness can be trusted. We offer informal silent studio space where practitioners may enter and sit at any time during the half hour preluding each shakti flow class. This simple discipline of sitting still with the breath/mantra can revolutionize the way you infuse meditation into your asana practice.


anutara pranayama breathing technique (trancendant grace) 

Once the fundamental asana alignment principles (right angles, straight lines, and cohesive planes) are understood and embodied, and the breath is continually slow and deep, one may bring their focus in the flow to full inhalations that expand out from the center of the chest and empty exhalations that contract back to the same center. This ebb and flow aligns us with the awakened intention to expand out into infinite wisdom and embody it as compassionate grace.  It facilitates the subtle alignment of the practice as a mudra (expression) from the heart.


buddha mudra (awakened expression)

This gesture is a softening of the lateral eye muscles (ocularis). This simple release curls up the lateral lip muscles (risorius) ever so subtly. It softens the hard palette and can release amritas (serotonin and melatonin) from the soma chakra (pineal gland). We smile and we are happy and relaxed.


aham prema mantra (affirmation of divine love)

When the consistent and disciplined practitioner is inclined to expand the potential of the practice, they may integrate the internal recitation of this mantra into the afore unfolded sadhanas (practices). We expand from the heart with the inhalation and the Sanskrit vibration aham (I am) and contract back to the source with the exhalation and the vibration prema (divine love). This continual reminder encourages the embodiment of the ecumenical and selfless love that is never subject to loss.